Friday, March 12, 2010

2nd Grade Neighborhoods

Second graders have been working on a neighborhood scene collaboration. We started by talking about the colors and textures we saw on buildings. We wanted to mimic these textures and colors with paint, so we used unconventional materials to apply paint to paper. We explored how sponges, combs and brushes created different painted effects. Next, we created one piece of paper with the color and texture we wanted for our building.
The following week, we looked at the work of Melanie Hope Greenberg and Red Grooms to see what kinds of art people have made about neighborhoods. We then took the paper we had painted and began collaging it to create a building for our neighborhood. Over the next few weeks, we added details, people, trees, cars and other things that we would see in the neighborhood. Each building was added to the cityscape and then the details were added to bring our neighborhood to life. Here are a few photos and there will be more to come:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5th Grade Food Sculpture

Fifth graders are working on creating clay sculptures of food. We looked at the work of many artists who use food as their subject throughout art history. Some favorites included Cotan and Raul Guerrero . We are now working on creating our own sculptures of food out of clay. Each student is creating a plate, dish, cup, tray or other "holder" of their food and the food. Here are some beginings:

Third Grade Gargoyle Relief Sculptures

In Studio 220, we are constantly struggling with the fragile nature of air dry clay. It is great to model with and create our projects, but once it dries, it seems to crumble, crack and break so easily! No matter how much we "scratch to attach" (scratching and scoring) or smooth out any cracks, we always find ourselves in line at the hot glue station for repairs.*** I find that the projects that work best are basic ceramics (pinch pots, coil pots, etc) and relief sculptures. I also find that the quicker these projects are taken home, the better chance for survival. Because of this, you won't see these 3rd grade clay projects on display, but you can see them here.

Third graders worked on relief sculptures of gargoyles. We learned about how the word
gargoyle comes from "gargle" because they were often included on buildings to serve as rain water spouts to protect the buildings. We also learned that they were included as an architectural decoration to scare away negativity. Students invented a protective character that would serve the same purpose. We used clay to create a relief sculpture of our creature and then painted it using different gray scale values to highlight depth.

***If any artists or art educators out there have any tips, please share!

Can't Believe I Never Posted These!

First graders worked hard on creating pinch pots with animal lids. We completed these some time ago, and they have since gone home. But for those of you who missed the exhibits in the lobby, here are some photos!

March Newsletter

Studio 220 Newsletter: March 2010

Happy March! This is an exciting month in the studio and spring is almost here! I hope to meet you all during conference night. I will be in the art room, 220, for the entire afternoon and evening sessions. Feel free to stop by and see what is happening. Here is a glimpse at the month:

First Grade: First graders are finishing a printmaking unit. We are exploring different types of stamping and how we can create our own stamps. We are making a cityscape out of different stamped shapes and working on collaboration! Next, students will help each other to make large portraits of what they will be in 30 years. We will be working on the floor in the classroom to explore scale and the use of different materials together.

Second Grade: Second grade artists are starting a ceramics unit. We will explore the origins of clay vessels and their uses. Each student will create a pot using the coil method. We will also be learning about warm and cool colors. Students will be mixing these, as well as creating tints.

Third Grade: Third graders are working on a painting unit. We are focusing on how colors can express a mood or a memory of a mood. Students will be looking at the work of a variety of contemporary landscape artists including Ornulf Opdahl, David Hockney and Peter Doig. We will be experimenting with how different colors can remind us of certain experiences.

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders are working on a weaving unit. We will be studying traditional weaving, as well as weaving in the fine arts. We will look at the work of Sheila Hicks to inspire small weavings. We will also be taking a field trip to the Textile Arts Center to work on their floor looms. Can’t wait!

Fifth Grade: Fifth graders are working on clay sculptures of food. We are looking at all types of artwork to try and figure out why food is such a popular subject in art. Students will also look at the work of Claes Oldenburg to explore art of food in three dimensions. We will each make a “dish” that will include the ceramic serving piece and the food.

Eco-Tech School!

What are these kids so psyched about?

Eco-Tech! If you haven't checked out the Eco-Tech School website yet, do it! These PS 58 4th graders are working on something really cool with me and Bee.