Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Newsletter!

Studio 220 Newsletter: October 2010

September has been a great month for getting to know the art studio and the new routines and procedures. Every class has been working on what it means to be an artist and to work in the studio. This includes thinking like an artist, talking about art and exploring materials.

In October, we will begin bigger units of study. Here is what we will be working on:

Kindergarten artists are exploring shape, line and composition. We are experimenting with how to design with shapes and create abstract work with shapes. We will then begin building creatures, buildings and other things with shape. This unit will incorporate collage, printmaking, drawing and color mixing. Students will look at the work of painter Vasily Kandinsky, textile artist Denyse Schmidt and illustrator Eric Carle to explore how shapes come together to make art.

First grade artists are exploring the possibilities of line. They will be experimenting with creating line with a variety of manipulative materials. Next, we will use monoprinting to make prints of different types of lines. These will then be the collage material for building animals with shapes. This unit will be inspired by the illustrations of Charley Harper.

Second grade artists will explore how to create movement in a two dimensional picture. We will look at the work of Keith Haring to see how the addition of movement lines and the position of a figure can show movement. This unit will include collage and painting. We will reinforce knowledge of color mixing and composition.

Fourth graders will be playing with the idea of surprise in art making. We will be exploring how surrealist artists played the exquisite corpse game to come up with interesting drawings. Students will practice working collaboratively and independently. We will then look at the work of Edward Gorey to explore fantastical creatures and how they can be developed. This unit will include drawing and painting.

Fifth graders will be working on a character development project. We will look at the work of a number of contemporary illustrators, including Tim Burton and Sac Magique, whose work is driven by characters. We will explore the features that an artist includes in their character, be it an imaginary creature or a human. Once we have our characters, we will explore where we can go next. This unit will focus on drawing and pen and ink.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

here's a look at the last few weeks

Artists in each grade have been getting to know the studio procedures and routines and have started to make work. Here is a look at what we are exploring:

Kindergarten artists have been designing with shapes.

First grade artists have been exploring line to get ready for printmaking.

Second graders designed a mascot to cheer them on in art.

And fourth and fifth grade artists are designing logos to represent themselves as artists.

We are off to a good start!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Newsletter!

Welcome Back!
I am really excited about this year! I will be at the parent orientations to discuss what we will be working on this year and I hope to see you there. Here is my September Newsletter:

Welcome Back! I am so excited to be here again and working with your children!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Megan Kimball. This year I will be working with students in kindergarten, first, second, fourth and fifth grades. Students will see me once a week in the art studio, room 220.

In Studio 220, we will work on a variety of art and design projects. All of the children will work with a variety of media as mandated by the Blueprint for the Arts: drawing, painting, printmaking, arts in technology, design, collage and sculpture. These units, spread throughout the year, will cover a number of topics, often linked to the learning that is happening in their classroom. Students will also be experimenting with digital arts using the computer, scanner and digital cameras. In my class, students will explore materials, learn about artists and create their own work. This year, I am putting an emphasis on what it means to think like an artist. Depending on the grade level, we will explore this question in different ways—how can we: use a familiar material in a new way, make a mistake into something new, take risks in our work and not be afraid of “messing up.” We will explore how artists share their individual point of view and students will hear from working artists who can show their own creative process. I am thrilled to be working with so many students this year, and I cannot wait to see what amazing ideas they come up with!

Here is a glimpse of what we are doing in September:

September in Studio 220 is all about setting up routines in the studio and allowing students to take ownership over their creative space. Each class period, students will work on a small project that will reinforce the routines and what is expected of them. I like start off the year by surprising the students with new ways to use materials they may already be familiar with. This sets up the arena of surprise and exploration that is such a large part of our studio work.

In September, students will begin experimenting with materials and creating art about what they hope to accomplish this year. Students will create a portfolio to hold their sketches, ideas and anything else that they find inspiring. We will explore how an artist gets ideas and the importance of keeping these organized. By then end of this first month, students will be ready to jump into our first unit.

I am so looking forward to this year and we will get off to an amazing start in September!