Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Character Parade


I love the storybook character parade tradition at PS 58, but this year, I had the hardest time thinking of an idea for a costume. Finally, today, I came up with something I LOVE:

The hermit crab from Eric Carle's book! This was a childhood favorite of mine, as I grew up near the water. I will post a picture Friday of my costume and other amazing ones! What are you going as?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fourth Grade Fantasy Creatures

Fourth graders have been creating fantasy characters. We looked at how Edward Gorey used line to create texture on his own characters. Students used pencil to create their creatures and then used hatching, cross-hatching and created textures to enhance their characters. FInally, we explored watercolor washes. Using watercolor, students tinted their work. Check them out!

Character Development

Fifth graders have been working on creating an illustrated character. We studied artists Tim Burton and Sac Magique to explore how their characters have distinct personality traits that are shown through their physical features. Students brainstormed to create their own character. Next, they sketched and created a final contour drawing. Students will ink their work and color it using both traditional and digital media. Great work artists!


Kindergarten artists have been learning about abstract compositions. Now, we have begun to explore "realistic" art. We read the book Mouse Shapes and explored how shapes can build pictures of real things. Here are some collages made by kindergarten artists:

Next, kindergarten artists looked at the work of Eric Carle. We noticed how he used shapes to create bugs. Artists used tearing to create shapes and used them to make their own collaged bugs. The work is up outside kindergarten classrooms.

This week, we will begin a printmaking unit. We will work with stamping and texture. Our theme will link with what they have been learning about with Miss Marsh in science: trees!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animal Collage Update

After completing their animal collages, first grade artists created a habitat for their creature. I will write more about the objectives, etc for the display. Here are some awesome results:

Did you notice??

Did you notice the new blog header? It was drawn by my husband, Tad Kimball.
Thanks Tad!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Animal Collages

First grade artists are studying Charley Harper and thinking about how he uses simple shapes to "build" animals. He called his style "minimal realism." Students will soon be using the monoprints they created to make animal collages, but we are now practicing using construction paper. The students love Harper's work, because it is simple and surprising. Here are some examples of the first step of our animal collages. Next, we will create a habitat for the animal. We will then follow these same steps to create collages using our prints.

Designing with Shapes

Kindergarten artists have been designing with shapes. After doing a circle design with drawing, we began our collage study. Students created ABSTRACT collages using squares and rectangles. Here are some examples of the work. The rest should be up on the walls outside kindergarten classrooms by the end of the week. Next, we will build pictures of things with shapes.

The kindergarten classes are off to a great start this year. Parents, I am in need of baby wipes. We use these as a part of our clean up routine. You can send donations up to my class with your child. Thanks!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2nd Grade Moving Sketches

In the studio, students in second grade are learning about sketching and how it is an important part of the artistic process. Even though we have begun a painting unit, we are starting out by sketching to help us work out our ideas. Second graders looked at the work of Keith Haring and discovered that he uses movement lines and body position to show movement in a painting. Here are some sketches that we made to try out this technique:

Check out more sketches in the lobby and coming soon outside second grade classrooms!