Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kandinsky Study Part One

Second graders are working on a multi-part unit of study on Kandinsky.  We are working with Mr. C in music and artist Brogan Ganley on a collaborative project.  Kandinsky was extremely inspired by music.  He believed that it was the ultimate expression.  In his own work, he would paint the notes that he heard in music.  On December 9th, we are taking a trip to the Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky show.  
For the first part of this project, we explored how artists use color to convey an emotion. We looked at Kandinsky's concentric circles to see if we could imagine an emotion that is expressed in the colors he used.  Next, the students thought of a time in their life when they felt a strong emotion.  They tried to picture the colors that reminded them of that emotion.  They each created a square that used color to convey their feeling.  Here are some examples: 



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