Thursday, January 7, 2010

4Fives Transformative Upcycling Installation!

The 4Fives are working on an installation for their classroom.  We wanted to transform something into art, so we looked at the work of Tara Donovan.  She uses simple materials to make extraordinary work.  If you don't know her, check out her website. She is one of my favorite sculptors. For our installation, we are using toilet paper rolls. Here is what one 4Five artist wrote about the project:

The 4Fives are learning all about upcycling. Upcycle means that you can’t throw away like boxes or paper towel rolls because you should make them into something better that you can use.

So we went to the art room to make an upcycling project with Bee and Ms.Kimball. We went inside the art room and Ms.Kimball showed us what were going to do.  We used toilet paper rolls.  We cut them into small circles. Then we painted the circles in different colors.  We painted a million circles and this month we are going to put them together and make an art installation in our classroom.

Oh and while we were painting we put music on.  After we finished, we washed our hands, because our hands had a lot of paint on them. So we washed with soap and we washed with water. It was a lot of fun.



  1. Wow - I love this!!!! We have been working with lots of recycled materials in my room this year, and are currently working a project somewhat similar to this! I've never heard the word "upcycle" before - it sounds great, I will be using it in class tomorrow!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. This class is super into the upcycling project. We are going to start gluing them together today. I will post pictures soon.

    ps I love your box animals!

  3. Nice Ms. Kimball!
    Have A great Weekend