Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Newsletter

I can't believe it is May! Here is what's happening:

Studio 220 Newsletter: May 2010

First Grade: First graders are continuing on their sculpture unit and have moved on to creating sculptures with found materials and assemblage. Students are looking at the work of Louise Nevelson. We are exploring how sculptures can have a limited amount of colors so the focus is on form. We are also figuring out how you can transform 3D sculpture into 2D. Check out the blog for our explorations.

Second Grade: Second graders are working on an observational and imaginative drawing unit. We are exploring the different ways that an artist can make drawings and trying to see what happens when they are combined. We will be looking at the work of a number of contemporary artists who focus on drawing and experiment with a number of media. Students will work with pencil, charcoal and ink.

Third Grade: Third graders are creating collages of landscapes and dreamscapes. We are looking at what makes a piece of art a landscape. We are looking at the work of artists including Esther Pearl Watson and David Hockney to see how artists draw inspiration from a place and also add elements of their imagination.

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders are finishing up their weaving unit. We have been considering how color choices are as important in weaving as they are in painting. Students are considering what colors contrast and what colors blend together. Next, we will be moving onto a clay unit.

Fifth Grade: Fifth graders are working on collograph self-portrait prints. We have been studying portraiture and students are experimenting with how collograph painting is different than drawing.

Don’t forget to visit the art blog: for photos and up to the minute details of what we are working on!

As always, I am in need of baby wipes! Any donations are much appreciated!

Megan Kimball

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