Friday, April 30, 2010

From 3D to 2D

A few weeks ago when Anna, our student teacher from NYU, was teaching sculpture, a first grader said that you could make a 3D sculpture 2D again by taking a picture of it. Brilliant! We have been playing with this idea a lot in 1-211 and 1-215. Students took their relief sculptures and made 2D representations of them with observational drawing. They then took those drawings and transformed them into something from their imagination.

Yesterday, students used LEGOs to create a collaborative sculpture. We made sure to turn the base half way through so that all artists could work on each side. They then used the same technique as with their relief to create drawings of their work. We realized that even though four people were drawing the same sculpture, each drawing would be different because they are looking at a different side of the piece.

Great work!


  1. This is such a wonderful project! I love the idea of incorporating legos in the art making process. It's a clever way to combine play and the art making.