Monday, November 29, 2010

Kindergarten Tree Prints

Kindergarten artists were studying trees with Miss Marsh in science. We decided to connect with this unit in the art studio and began to play with printmaking. Kindergarten artists learned about stamping and how stamps can be used to make the same mark over and over. Students first looked at tree bark and created a stamp to mimic this texture using etching in styrofoam. We then took these stamps and "built" a tree. Next, we studied leaves. We used our science observation skills to notice everything about a leaf. Then we drew what we saw. After we were comfortable drawing a leaf, we used the same etching technique to create a leaf stamp. Once this was finished, we used our stamp to add leaves to the trees. The work came out great! I will post more finished pictures, but here is a taste of what the process looked like:

Update: Here are more leaf observational drawings. So beautiful!

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  1. These leaf drawings are beautiful. It's great to see someone doing observational drawings with young children.