Friday, April 30, 2010

Painted Paper Projects

Spring is the time for painted paper collage in Studio 220!

There are a few different projects happening, but here is a look at what Ms. Rippe's 2/3 class and third graders are working on!

Ms. Rippe's class has been thinking about texture and how you can create texture with color and shape on paper. They have been looking at the work of Brooklyn artist Kim Scafuro for inspiration and noticed that she uses painted paper to collage animals. Students created a ton of painted textures and colors and then used them to begin to make an animal. In the next few weeks, we will be creating a background for our creatures.
work by Kim Scafuro

collage beginnings!
I will post the final projects when they are finished.

Third graders are also working on painted paper collage. We are learned about color families and used brushes to create pieces of paper with various textures with colors from our chosen color family. The following week, we had some fun using bubbles to paint on paper. Next, we will take the paper we have created and create imaginary landscape collages!
bubble painting result and process

We got a ton of interesting textures to use in our collages. Check back for the results!

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