Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting to Know Our SUBJECT

Fifth Graders are working on drawing and painting from observation. We have been working on drawing what we see and getting to know our subject. Our first subject is a mint. We began by drawing the mint without looking at our paper. We could only look at the mint. The drawings were really interesting and we decided that it made us think less about how our work looked and more about making it. Next, we tried drawing with our opposite hand. After that, we looked at Wayne Thiebaud's lollipop drawing and talked about value and tone. We made a pencil sketch shading to show value.
The next class, we created underpaintings. We learned that an underpainting is like a sketch that goes underneath the painting. We used a neutral color and water and focused on painting the different values that we saw. Next week, we will make paintings over these. Check back for more.

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