Monday, October 5, 2009

Some First Grade Collage Experiments

First Graders had worked with line in the first few weeks of school.  We made monoprints using different kinds of line.  After we finished our monoprints, we began to explore shape.  We looked at how different shapes can be used to "build" images.  We looked at the work of Charley Harper.  In his work, he used many simple shapes to build animals.  Here is an example of his work. How many shapes do you see in this tiger? Do you see circles? Triangles Rectangles? What else?

Next, we cut shapes out ouf our monoprints and began using them to make animals.  We discovered that you can build anything out of sha
pes.  We also talked about detail and used other paper to add detail to our work.  Here are some finished pieces. Enjoy!

All of our work will soon be on display in the first grade hallway on the second floor.


  1. These look wonderful! I really enjoy Charley Harper's work. I hadn't thought about using him as an example during out collage unit, but I am definitely thinking about it now.

  2. Issey and I enjoyed looking at her first grade work and reading your blog- so nice to see the work that she talks about

  3. First Graders,
    Great Collage Expriment. Do you like Art?
    Great Job